Rewards Program

Texas Vinyl Dispensary wants to thank you for being a loyal craft customer so we're offering our DIY Crafters Rewards Program! Every dollar you spend at TVD — you earn 1 point!
How does our program work? Check out the list of frequently asked questions below.
1. How many points do I need to earn to get rewards?
100 points = $5 off
250 points = $20 off
500 points = $50 off
1000 points = $120 off
2. How do I know how many points I have?
Log in, through the link texted to you, or click here You can register your information, and points will be shown, along with what your next levels are.
3. My points are different than what my receipt shows.
Taxes, gratuities, shipping and handling fees, and the purchase of gift cards do not count towards your qualifying annual purchases. Special orders, and custom designs, also do not count towards your qualifying purchases.
4. Do online purchases count towards the Rewards Program?
Currently online purchases do NOT count towards the program. We are busy working to add these purchases to the program.
5. Do my points ever expire?
Points expire 2 years after your latest purchase.
Point redemption requirements are subject to change at Texas Vinyl Dispensary's discretion without notice.
Because who doesn't need a bigger crafting budget? The more points you earn, the bigger the savings!

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